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- Networking Services
- Data Center Services
- IT Security Services
- Mobility Services

Networking Services

Design, implement, and manage integrated communications and networking environments.
Network integration, resiliency and agility are critical to support the trends of cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security that influence your business. Beyond that, evolving technologies such as Network Function Virtualization, the Internet of Things, Software-Defined Networking and Session Initiation Protocol will continue to shape your networking and communications infrastructure and management.
To stay a step ahead, you need a single vision with leading technologies from multiple vendors. Is your network ready or even capable of rapidly responding to changing business needs across multiple devices, applications and locations.
DenTech's Networking Services can drive your organization's collaboration, business flexibility and growth. We help you achieve a simplified, agile, cost-effective and security-rich networking infrastructure that can support innovation and deliver business value.

Data Center Services

Build and manage highly efficient data centers that respond to change and drive innovation.
Advancements such as cloud, social, mobile and analytics are placing greater demands on your data center. But hardware-centric, inefficient infrastructures struggle to support market shifts. To stay ahead, you need to plan an agile, highly responsive data center.
Data Center services from Dentech helps you integrate legacy systems and new architectures—such as cloud and virtualization—into a dynamic, open-standards-based data center.
We help create a software-defined environment that uses patterns of expertise to automatically anticipate and deploy infrastructure resources based on workload needs.

The best part?
Investing in a more optimized, scalable data center allows you to tap into the vast opportunities of cloud, social, mobile and analytics, all while maintaining a security-rich environment. Dentech offers a flexible approach that can address your needs at any point in your service optimization journey.

IT Security Services

Protect your enterprise from complex IT security threats while reducing costs
Cloud. Mobile. Social media. It seems every year the technology landscape makes a tectonic shift. And with each new technology comes new IT security concerns. The rise in sophisticated attacks, combined with a worldwide shortage of IT security skills, makes partnering with a trusted IT security services provider critical.
At DenTech , our IT security services cover every corner of your network, from infrastructure to applications to devices. We protect some of the most sophisticated networks in the world, and employ some of the best minds in the business. And we help you reduce the cost and complexity of your IT security needs.

Mobility Services

Plan your approach, manage devices and end-user applications and related network infrastructure.
Dentech Technology Services' Mobile First practice provides guidance, strategy, and integration services to help enterprise customers create new ways of transacting business and new business models to realize a mobility solution's full potential


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