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Our Advantages

1. online programs with unlimited size and capacity of database storage

  • New branches can be opened free of charge .
  • Programs can be utilized from all over the world.
  • They do not require any linkage or preparations , just an internet connection.
  • They work within any operating system and device that is connected to the internet and all smart devices.
  • Life time technical support of the programs by utilizing our main servers, without the need to visit the client's location.
  • Do not require any costs to start them except for their price.
  • Do not require buying licenses for used tools and database.
  • The possibility of backup and restore.
  • The database of our programs accommodates infinite amounts of data, making it commensurate with the size of any activity of any organization or company.
  • Accurately and professionally designed, which provides speed in the execution of orders and data mining.
  • Working on the World Wide Web in high-speed performance.

2. Reports (Multiple and Customized)

  • A very large number of reports about every detail that the customer wants, and reports can be exported to Excel and can be modified.
  • The ability of making a special design to the reports of bills suit up with the hardware type and available printer of the client and the usual form of the bill.

3. Multiple companies

  • If you own more than one company or institution and different activities you can add and manage all of these companies on the same version of the software.
  • Easy to navigate and work among registered on the same software companies.

4. Support and connectivity (connect the hardware with the software)

  • We can connect any of our own program with all the fingerprint devices, monitoring and all entry and exit cameras, monitors, Access Control Devices.
  • Supporting and connecting cashier and all barcode devices.
  • Connecting and supporting all types of printers and scanners.

5. the possibility of designing ,detailing and production of any program according to the desire and activity of the client and his need, then the possibility of amendment it later to suit the nature of the work and the activity of the client.

  • The client can request the amendment to any program that has been produced by us in the custom modification required by the partial order commensurate with the scope of activities and needs.
  • Completion of any required amendments to the program after its completion and deliver it to the customer in record time so as not to cause any stoppage of the activity of the client and his work on the program

6. Technical Support

  • Lifetime technical support of all our programs and we are ready to receive support and follow-up requests while demand throughout the day and during all days of the week.
  • The client can communicate and ask about any special program or any suggestion or idea. Support team will provide all requests and answer all the questions.

7. Our programs are online but you can continue working if the internet disconnected.

  • The program can connect to the network and easily used.
  • The programs' database is on our servers and can be on the client's servers.

8. Our prices are competitive and suitable for all levels of customers.

  • any request of a program no matter what type of program and the size of the customer's business client and we can work any software fits this activity, type, size and price fits the ability and the financial solvency of the client.
  • There are different levels of any program to suit all clients and all needs.